It’s a hot girl summer! That’s a slogan going round especially as caption on pictures this summer.

The phrase originated with Rapper Megan Thee Stallion and it’s all about feeling confident in who you are, having fun and looking good while doing it.

This is why underneath the hot selfies you see on Instagram, the caption says ‘I heard it’s a hot girl summer.’ It’s all about your summer swag and style.

Can anyone have a hot girl summer? Surely! Here’s what you need for your hot girl summer.

A great Wardrobe

You may not be able to afford the designer pieces but you can work with what you have. Do a little homework going through pictures and find what your style is. Look at your wardrobe and find pieces that mirror that as closely as possible. Make sure your clothes are tailored properly to fit well. If you’re into showing skin, this is the summer to do it. It will make for an even hotter girl summer.

Location Matters

While ladies on your feed may be having their hot girl summer in locations like

Italy, Greece and Paris, don’t let that stop you. Taking a great picture about staging. Are you at a aesthetically pleasing restaurant? Pose for a great shot. There’s a lot of nature around and that makes for a great picture. Find a picturesque location and pose.

Face, Neck, Smize

When you have your wardrobe right, location right, the next thing is the picture itself. A hot girl summer pose is about serving face in a shot. Basically, you’re a model now. So be sure you’re serving face, elongate your neck and ‘smize’! Voila! You have your hot girl summer look. Remember smizing according to supermodel Tyra Banks is smiling but with your eyes. Practice this in your mirror to get it right.


What makes a hot girl summer picture even better? A prop. It could be a glass of wine, a yacht in the background or a simple cellphone. Your duty is to ‘sell’ that prop! Make sure your viewer focuses on that prop as an integral part of you.


This is the most important part of having a hot girl summer. You have to not only look confident, you have to FEEL IT. It shines through. Remember having a hot girl summer is all about being comfortable with who you are in the moment and having fun with it.

With these you are ready, go and live your best life! Go on and have a great Hot girl summer.


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