Getting to know that your partner is cheating may be very painful. The Source of the information is also an important aspect of the whole process. But what happens if the information is conveyed to you by a total stranger?

Even close friends and family members are usually wary to tell a loved one about a partner’s infidelities if they know of it, how much more a total stranger being the person to dispense such information?

The Next Edition sampled some opinions on how people would feel if this information came from a total stranger.

Josephine Adams, Event Planner

I would show my hubby. So if it is true he knows to adjust and sack that babe as his ass is not as covered as he thinks it is. I won’t even ask if it’s true or not. I am trying to remain sane in this insane world.”

Treasure Akpabio, Graduate

I’ll listen to what the person has to say and when he/she is done, I’ll simply thank him or her for bringing it to my notice and go my way. Yes, my partner may have cheated but I didn’t catch him in the act. I can only react to such thing if I caught him myself not hearsay.”

Tome Jacobs, Fashion Designer

“First of all, I will turn her down for trying to poke nose into my affairs. Then I will do my own findings by bringing out the investigative journalism aspect in me.”

Victoria Jima, Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur

“Even if it might be true, I will ignore totally and maybe ask my man calmly about it. I won’t even be angry about the whole thing knowing it’s coming from a total stranger.”

Imeneke Ime, Pilot

“I don’t know how to answer this honestly because I don’t see it happening to me, that’s just the truth. Because in my opinion, I think you give people room to say some kind of things to you. How did I present myself that this stranger feels comfortable/confident that he/she must give me such information? Even if it’s a social media ‘friend’, I won’t even make it so comfortable for you to come to me with this.”

Ken Ekerette, Entrepreneur

“If the stranger is willing to give more details to his or her claims, I will listen. But I will not confront my partner cause that’s not how I roll. I usually like to have some level of knowledge on things before I take actions or decisions. Sometimes when you ask your partner something like this when it’s not true or you are not sure, you are only helping them adjust the more and be secretive. So if the person is ready to give me details, I can work with that. If they won’t I will just pay more attention to my relationship because there is always a sign.”

Ephraim Essien, Businessman

“I will tell him or her “thank you.” Then I will observe my partner for a while and begin my own investigations. The investigation might involve me ask her some questions. Irrespective of what the case may be, I will investigate and ascertain for myself. But I will never jump into conclusions.”

Pamela Akan, Graduate

“If the person will give me the gist, I will stop and listen. I won’t brush it off. Now, depending on how well the facts line up, I may or may not confront my man. It all depends on what I’m told and evidence I receive.”

Gloria Sunny, Corper

“No, No, I’m not waiting there to hear rubbish. As soon as I know that’s where the conversation is going, I’m porting. No time. I will either catch him myself or not. Ignorance is bliss.”

How would you react? Entertain the information or say no?