Bishop Anagbe Warns Against Corruption, Task Nigerians On Peace, Unity
Bishop Anagbe

Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe, has called on Nigerians, particularly politicians, to desist from acts capable of undermining the peace, unity and development of the nation.

The Bishop made the call during the celebration of Pentecost Sunday and the second edition of Cultural Day Celebration of the Holy Ghost Parish in Makurdi.

Anagbe, who enumerated the negative effects of corruption on any society, condemned, in strong terms, approval of some schools operating in tight corners and in one room in the country.

He observed that such corrupt practices and backyard approvals were capable of further bastardizing the standard of education in the country.

“Nigeria is more than any one individual and it is better that we all, especially those with responsibilities of catering for others, do whatever that is right to keep the peace and unity of the nation.”

The cleric admonished Christians to pray without ceasing, to live in the fear of God and learn to exhibit the virtues of the Holy Ghost.

While congratulating the parishioners on the feast and cultural day, he emphasized the need for second conversion, which he said evokes the spirit of love and gift of testimonies urging all parishioners and Christians to live in peace and help one another.

Bishop Anagbe, also urged all Nigerians to take advantage of the nation’s diversity and find common grounds to live in peace and harmony with their brothers and sisters.

The Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Moses Iorapuu said it was good when people from different tribes come together to celebrate and share love.

“The message of Pentecost can only be made practical as we endeavour to savour the sweetness of our diversity.

“As we celebrate our oneness as God’s family even though from different backgrounds of tribes and cultures, so also we can live together as a people and family respecting both the rich and the poor, the minority and the majority.

“Pentecost evokes the spirit and gift of bearing testimony beyond our tribes and cultures and so like the early apostles, let the celebration stir in us the spirit of bearing testimony and witness of the gospel to the people outside of our group and community,” he said.

The chairman of the occasion, Denis Ingya, thanked the Bishop, the Parish Priest and parishioners for their participation in feast day saying the festivities should be sustained.

Some parishioners who spoke to our correspondent expressed joy to be part of the occasion. They called on all Christians to see themselves as one and show love.