Abba Kyari, former head of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) of the Inspector-General of Police, has reacted to the reports that Ramon Abbas, suspected fraudster also known as Hushpuppi, gave him N8 million bribe.

Kyari, who was suspended by the Police Service Commission following an indictment by the FBI, said Hushpuppi reached his team to help recover N8 million for a friend.

Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police (DCP), said the suspected fraudster showed evidence to his team that someone was holding his money.

In the post, which has now been deleted, Kyari maintained that he never got a dime from Hushpuppi.

“Nobody demanded or collected any money from Abbas Hushpuppi. He can be interviewed publicly in the presence of the world media by the people holding him to confirm this,” Kyari wrote in the post.

“He also called for another case in June 2020 and complained about a financial transaction with a second person whom he said his friend sent 8 million naira to and pleaded for his friend’s money to be recovered. He sent transaction slips and other evidences to prove their case against the person.

“All these can be verified from the Hushpuppi since he is still in custody. And it can be verified from the person who collected 8 million naira from Hushpuppi’s friend whom they complained about is alive and is in Nigeria.”

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However, Kyari took down the post after a huge backlash.

The brilliant cop has been the subject of ridicule, especially on social media, since the news of his contact with Hushpuppi broke.

He is currently being grilled by a panel set up to probe the allegations.

On Monday, the Inspector-General of Police replaced him with Tunji Disu, a former Commander of the Rapid Response Squad in Lagos, as the IRT head.