Landslide: 45 sentenced for negligence after death of 75 people

Richmond VA, September 5, 2004 -- This section of E. Grace Street collapsed during tropical storm Gaston. Gaston dropped twelve inches of rain in the area. Photo by: Liz Roll/FEMA News Photo

Chinese authorities have sentenced no less than 45 people for negligence following a 2015 landslide which claimed the lives of 75 people in the southern city of Shenzen.

The men were convicted of negligence and abuse of power following the incident which happened two years ago when piles of waste soil and construction materials suddenly collapsed, engulfing a nearby district.

The dump site had a storage capacity of four million cubic metres and a maximum stacking height of 95m (310 ft) but when the landslide happened it was holding 5.8m cubic metres of material and the waste heaps stood 160m high, Xinhua reported.

Reports say nearly 20 of those sentenced were government officials including the manager of the company that ran the landfill site and the former head of Shenzhen’s administration bureau all jailed for 20 years.

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