50,000 face evacuation over unexploded World War II bombs in Hannover

unexploded bomb

In what is regarded as the second largest evacuation in the history of Germany, more than 50,000 people will be evacuated from their homes in the city of Hannover to defuse unexploded World War Two bombs.

German authorities say the evacuations will begin at 9am and residents have been advised to take necessary items like medication with them when they leave, as well as turning off gas and electrical appliances.

Reports say the affected building set to be evacuated include seven care homes, a clinic, and a Continental tyre plant even as officials hope those affected will be able to return home by the evening.

Recall that allied planes bombed Hannover heavily during World War Two, killing thousands and destroying much of the city.

On 9 October, 1943, 1,245 people were killed and 250,000 left homeless by 261,000 bombs; some of which will be defused by special German bomb squad.

The largest bomb-related evacuation since the war happened on Christmas Day last year, in Augsburg.

Some 54,000 people were evacuated after a 3.8 tonne bomb was unearthed during building work.


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