Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a sugar daddy. Yes! I mean it, SUGAR DADDY or “small god” or whatever it’s called.

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about an old man I can bang for money. No. That’s not the idea! Not that that won’t happen, anyways, but just follow me for a second right.

I see this concept as a type of dating just a more mutually beneficial person. Most of these men just want someone to listen to them, be a companion and sort of re-live their youth in a young, agile mind. Why can’t I do that? I don’t even want to be getting cash every time we see as that reeks too much of “ashi” work –  you know what I mean, we’re trying to keep it classy here.

I’m looking at a situation where I can find one who can support my business and just generally help out and elevate my lifestyle, you know. Almost every girl in Lagos is doing it if they want to tell the truth.

I know people’s views on this are not exactly acceptable but this is just what I’ve been thinking on. It’s my life and I’m choosing to live it on my terms.

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The truth of the matter is these men are still going to step out on their wives anyways, so what’s the point? As long as I’m classy about it, I don’t interfere with their family lives, everyone is happy. I can’t really care about whose ox is gored.

I hustle for myself I know but it is hard out here to keep up to certain standards. Yes, I know, some “busy bodies” will say I mustn’t live in a certain way, I should cut my coat according to size and blah blah but that’s your own. I, Kayla, want to live my life in a certain way and this approach gets me there faster so argue with your phone, I don’t bloody care.

Till next time, for now – I stay slaying.